Evan Katz

Hi everyone! Over the next week or so we’re going to reorganize how we categorize posts, so don’t be alarmed if the taxonomy on the right side of the page is out of whack. Our current categorization method is a bit cluttered; we have broad topic categories, very narrow categories, and categories by post type (e.g. guest posts, research papers, podcasts). To clean it up, we’re going to drastically shrink down the number of categories. We’ve decided to use six broad categories based on major political science disciplines:

  • International Relations, which will include posts about foreign policy, security studies, regional affairs, and alliances and organizations;
  • American Politics, which will include posts about U.S. elections, American political institutions, and domestic public policy;
  • Comparative Politics, which will include posts about political systems, international social movements, and civil conflict;
  • Political Economy, which will include posts about economics and trade;
  • Political Theory, which will include posts about ideologies, philosophy, and theories and methods; and
  • Other, a catch-all category that will include any meta-level posts about blogging as well as random musings.

Moving forward, we’ll incorporate tags for refined topics, topics that cut across each of the major disciplines, or anything that doesn’t neatly fall into any category. For instance, we’ll have an Electoral College tag for any posts that talk about the Electoral College rather than housing them dually in the existing American Political System and Electoral Politics categories. We’ll have a Star Wars tag for any posts that talk about Star Wars rather than putting them in the broad and somewhat confusing Pop Culture category. We’re still figuring out whether to continue using subcategories under each major category or just switch them to tags, since several posts will likely touch more than one subcategory.

If there are any experienced bloggers out there who have any tips about how best to deploy categories and tags, please feel free to reach out! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.