Sam Seitz

The new year always brings with it a flood of predictions and prognostications about the future. I am very skeptical of the value of these predictions; it seems they are often quite underspecified. There are also never any consequences for being wrong, thus reducing the stakes for those guessing about the future. Nevertheless, I think they can be a fun exercise because they bring important policy areas to my attention. So while I am loath to make any predictions myself, I’ve collected a few good predictions (very loosely defined) below.

1. Mark Leonard and Jeremy Shapiro’s trends for 2019

2. 5 places America should avoid going to war next year

3. Global health, NGO, and IO predictions

4. Sea level rise predictions

5. Will Republicans remain loyal to Trump?

6. Why we should be optimistic about 2019

7. The future of the dollar

Of course, feel free to add any more in the comments!