Sam Seitz

Well, it’s that time of year again. The blog has lasted another year, and it’s time to break down the events and statistics of Politics in Theory and Practice in 2018.

As of yesterday, the blog hosts 380 posts, which is 119 more than at this point last year. Not including today, the blog has been viewed 45,404 times and attracted 29,281 unique visitors. A clear majority (61.5%) of our views come from people residing within the United States. The proportion of foreign readers has gone up substantially, however, as almost 70% of our 2017 views came from the United States. Besides the United States, our readers hail primarily from Britain, India, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Germany, Holland, Turkey, and South Africa. This is quite similar to last years, though we received far fewer views from Singapore and far more from Turkey and South Africa this year. Unlike last year, moreover, the viewership has been more constant this year. In the past, we’ve had substantial seasonal variation, with the summer and winter being much slower than the fall and spring. I’m not sure what changed this year, but I’m happy that things seem to be more consistent.

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None of our top five most-read posts of 2018 were written in 2018, and only two of our top 20 most-read posts of 2018 were published over the past year. The posts most viewed were, in order, Plato’s Critique of Democracy; Why do Political Parties Exist?; Conceptions of Justice in Hume, Rousseau, and Kant; A Critique of Offensive Realism; and The Impact of Divided Government on Legislative Output. Perhaps this means that we have run out of truly interesting things to say, but it definitely means that we have built a strong foundation of posts over the years that continue to attract interest and attention. In any event, we received more views and more visitors in 2018 than in any previous year, so there is probably more room to grow. It’s hard to say exactly where the blog will go this year – I’m certainly not getting burned out, but I am starting to get a tad bored with blogging and am at a point where it is far from a top priority. I still like the ability to record my thoughts and share them with the wider world, though, so I doubt I will be retiring the blog anytime soon. While 2019 might not see as many posts as 2018 did, it will hopefully still be full of interesting content and smart conversations.

Happy 2019, everyone!