Sam Seitz

I have a ton of book reviews to publish, but that probably won’t happen until I finish up all my coursework. In the interim, therefore, I wanted to quickly write up a list of my favorite books of 2018. These are books I read in 2018, not necessarily books published in 2018.

1. How Asia Works: Success and Failure in the World’s Most Dynamic Region (Joe Studwell)

2. Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society (Eric Posner and Glen Weyl)

3. Gorbachev: His Life and Times (William Taubman)

4. The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan (Sebastian Mallaby)

5. Will Terrorists Go Nuclear? (Brian Jenkins)

6. Britain’s War Machine (David Edgerton)

7. Can it Happen Here? Authoritarianism in America (ed. by Cass Sunstein)

8. Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism (by Quinn Slobodian)

9. We Have Not a Government: The Articles of Confederation and the Road to the Constitution (by George Willian Van Cleve)

10. The Case Against Education (by Bryan Caplan)