Sam Seitz

A few months ago, I listed some of my favorite podcasts on a range of issues. The thing with podcasts, of course, is that one is always discovering more. Below are two excellent podcast series I’ve recently discovered.

Brussels Sprouts – This is an absolutely excellent podcast on the EU, NATO, and transatlantic security in general. It’s produced by CNAS (Center for New American Security for those unaccustomed to all the DC think tank acronyms), and it puts out consistently interesting episodes. The content seems to lean heavily toward issues of defense and security, which is right in my area of focus. However, there is plenty of other fantastic content, including a recent episode featuring Ulrike Franke (my all-time favorite commentator on Germany and European defense) discussing Merkel’s recent announcement that she will be stepping down as CDU party leader.

Policy Currents – This is another think tank-produced podcast, this time from the RAND Corporation. They have only put out one real episode, as the podcast series only began in October. Therefore, it is tough to exactly say what kind of content they will feature. If the first episode is any indicator, though, this podcast will feature smart analysis of pressing issues, and that is sorely needed today.