Sam Seitz

Here are your weekly links!

1. Harry Harris has an ideological successor in the new commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet

2. How a pioneer of machine learning became one of its sharpest critics

3. Chinese economic domination appears unlikely

4. The economics of China’s rise

5. How to steal an election in broad daylight

6. The U.S. doesn’t spend as much on its military as you might expect

7. The Navy’s 2004 UFO encounter gets stranger and stranger

8. The determinants of Germany’s strangely high current account surplus

9. The machine learning revolution hasn’t happened yet

10. Might we have a Trump in Pyeongyang moment, with China playing the USSR?

11. In an (un)surprising turn, non-religious people seem to be more moral than evangelicals

12. Can things be both popular and silenced? (highly recommend despite the length)