Sam Seitz

Here are your last weekly links of 2017. Have a great New Year, everyone!

1. What GDP misses

2. Interesting musings on the modern university and the veracity of critiques from both the left and the right

3. Why is the intelligentsia so liberal?… also definitely read Julian Sanchez’s answer to the same question

4. The world isn’t as bad as they would have you believe

5. Will Russia “hack” the midterms?

6. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the concept of food deserts, at least as an explanatory variable for poor health in low-income communities, is a bunch of nonsense… also see here and here

7. “By and large, China is increasingly seen as the preponderant regional power by a majority of Southeast Asian countries.” (and spoiler alert, a lot of the blame falls on Trump)

8. America is nowhere near a constitutional crisis

9. What Trump’s new NSS means in regard to China