Sam Seitz

So I just saw The Last Jedi, and it’s definitely one of the better movies in the franchise. In no particular order, here are some of my thoughts about the film.

  1. The movie starts fairly poorly but quickly becomes much better.
  2. I think that this movie, much like The Force Awakens, attempts to mirror its predecessor film in the Original Trilogy. However, the parallelism is much more effective this time around, and the movie isn’t a blatant remake of Empire, which I really appreciated.
  3. The First Order really needs to invest in point defense technology – despite having the capacity to build kilometers long capital ships, they lack the ability to defend against fighter-bombers.
  4. Related to the previous point, both the First Order and the Resistance seem to have thoroughly incompetent commanders who know apparently nothing about how to screen capital ships or conduct combined arms operations. Given that the galaxy has experienced near constant warfare for at least three generations, you would really expect better commanders to have emerged.
  5. The whole galacto-political situation still makes no sense to me. The First Order appears to have limited capacity, yet no other powers seem to exist in the entire galaxy. What’s up with the Republic, and how did Republic leadership allow such a monumental threat to emerge unchecked? Either international relations functions very differently in this galaxy far far away, or something is fishy.
  6. The quality of Jedi seems to improve every generation. In particular, the training time required by a new Jedi seems to decrease exponentially every trilogy despite the fact that the training itself appears vastly inferior and much more ad hoc.
  7. Language learning seems really advanced in the Star Wars universe, as despite the plethora of languages (maybe some are dialects?) there appears to never be any problems with understanding.
  8. Hubris is a frequently recurring theme throughout the film.
  9. Rogue One is still the best, and most underrated, Star Wars movie.