An incisive critique of mindless recruiting jargon. I highly recommend.

A Paradoxical Millennial


Dear God, I hate that word.

I’ve already talked about irritating clichés and jargon, but passion is perhaps the one overused word that I despise the most. It seems to be the vogue term of our age: the be-all, end-all and cure-all. Apparently, you can do anything as long as you are passionate. Conquer the world. Become a millionaire. Excel at your job. Find inner happiness. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Furthermore, it seems that every company out there wants people who are ‘passionate about what they do’ to work for them. Recently I have noticed this a lot, as someone looking at entering their first career. Almost every graduate job appears to specify ‘passion’ as a key requirement, regardless of the actual industry. This can leave me and my fellow students in something of a pickle. How do you show passion for a career that you…

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