Sam Seitz

There are literally no longer words in the English language capable of describing the depravity of the Trump clan. As I’m sure everyone has heard, sleaze-bag and walking bottle of hair gel Donald Trump Jr. recently tweeted out a comment in which he compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles.


This inability to empathize is not at all surprising given that Junior was born into an elite family and has had his every need taken care of from birth; it is still vulgar and completely unacceptable. A living, breathing, sentient human IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO A SUGAR TABLET. Frankly, anyone who thinks that a person being subjected to barrel-bombing, gas attacks, and the destruction of their homes is in any way comparable to a piece of candy, is sick and almost certainly a sociopath. If you can’t empathize with a famished Syrian suffering from genocide, then you aren’t a moral person. Period. Moreover, the analogy is complete garbage because 1) the odds of being killed by a refugee are over 1:360,000,000,000 (in other words, the bowl you’d be selecting from would be at least the size of an apartment) and 2) refugees are vetted by at least seven different government agencies (so to use Juniors sick analogy, every skittle you pick up is screened by the FDA, Surgeon General, and at least five other food regulatory bodies).

This kind of racist and dehumanizing rhetoric is nothing new for Trump and his family. But when they compare young children struggling to survive targeted military strikes to skittles, you really have to wonder if they are human at all.